Animal Updates

star has passed away

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2009


an incredible dog who had an incredible life of happiness for the six months before she died. thank you trina for rescuing her, thank you colleen and family for truly loving her, and thank you to all hovering around as saints guardian angels for helping us be there for her to have that chance at such a wonderful life.

rest in peace star, you lit up the world for many of us.



RIP Star. I am so glad you made the most of your time at Saints and your foster family. In true boxer spirit you spread your enthusiasim for life to all those around you and I am sure made them all smile or laugh at least once a day. Boxers have a way of burrowing deep into our hearts, you will not be soon forgotten.

Chris T

She is was so beautiful. Her and Bridgette are making me fall in love with Boxers.


I have these pictures of Star in my mind..... all stretched out on Carol's bed, getting in on as many pets & cuddles as possible(she gave the best boxer kisses), racing around the pond, loving her Boxer friend Bridgette. Star blossomed in the love & safety of Saints and lived life to the fullest. My sympathies go out to Colleen and her family. By opening up your hearts you gave Star the loving home she so deserved!