Rescue Journal

moving on

Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2009

it was almost 10 before the last of the diabetics were done...i left caspar til late cuz i just did not feel like doing the whole muzzling, i hate you carol, poking thing...and then i climbed into bed and hugged daphne. i fell asleep to her snoring and a chorus of a million singing frogs.

what i don't get is if there are that many musical frogs on my property at night, how come i only very occasionally see one or two?

i need to get shavings for the bunnies and litter/canned food for the cats and be at the accountants for 10 am with the last of the requested bits of paper...if i get the supply stuff done first..i can be back here and cleaning by 10;20.

i have to spend more time with les..he is just not outgoing enough to demand it like everyone else. and i didn't realize the new goat was so lonely til i went and spent some time with him late last evening. he talks alot and complains cuz it is boring here and he REALLY likes butt rubs even more than the dogs.

i have decided to name him gilbert, (the goofy goat) suits him, he's more funny than he is actually seems natural for him and then i don't have to go thru the whole training myself thing to remember a name that doesn't quite fit for him or me...(aka percy mo...i still say that calf was a theo.)

speaking of rocketing around cows last night...percy was in high speed. they ate their hay too fast so i needed to give them more which with him thundering around in apparent starving excitement is sort of scary. anyway..i was still too dull from the emotional thing with betsy to care if he killed me so i just ignored the moron, stuffed the hay racks and left again...and really, ignoring him works pretty good. he never did actually run over me.

so on my list for today mountain of laundry, cleaning, accountant, supply run, spending time with les, scratching gil's butt, meds, diabetics, putting the barn guys to bed safely and getting to the fundraiser on time...oh and finding a great birthday card for my son to give to him tonight.
thank god i remembered to call last night and wish him a happy birthday.



Carrie, awesome night, thank-you. I still owe you for my ticket. I keep forgeting. I'll be out soon and pay you. Sorry!!!


Welcome Gilbert!!! You have landed in Heavon on Earth. If I was a dog or cat or cow, goat, duck, chicken, rabbit, guinea pig, horse, or any other type of animal SAINTS is where I would want to be. You are one of the luckiest goats in the world 'cause you landed at SAINTS. Happy living!