Rescue Journal

saints marks the passing of olga

Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2009

we lost her sister a few months ago and today olga went down in the coop, too weak to stand anymore. i think it is age related with them but i really do not know their ages except i know their previous owner was too old and sick for the last few years to be out buying baby chickens. i brought her into the medical room and set her up in a comfy cage. i did not want the other chickens to be pecking on her while she was down. she died very peacefully late this afternoon.

rest in peace olga, you were a beautiful girl.

i think we are also going to be losing asia, she is going into hiding and not eating today. i will force feed her tonight but i think asia has lost the battle with her disease. i have already decided to let her go in peace. i hope this is the right thing and not just a reaction from the terrible loss of betsy.

it was a really busy day here today, several tours and lots of visitors. i had a late lunch with half of the TG clan and told dave to warn yvette that i had already decided to steal him...not because i want his body, but just because he can cook. with being so busy, i often can't get into town to eat or shop for food anymore so i have been hungry alot recently.

even i sometimes get tired of cookies.

just a heads up to all staff and for the third time, the FeLV pen was not locked properly and the cats were loose. i know all of us have these very simple occasional brain farts, but lets all try to double check the lock each time we enter and leave their room.

and the good news is...chyna did very well on a sleep over last night so today we have extended her visit to a 2 week trial...way to go chyna!



well if you are really attached to him, you can keep him...maybe someday when we have more money i can hire a chef. i'd like that!
brenda brought me lunch today, which i usually eat for dinner...she makes good sandwiches and always sticks in something good for desert!
sadly brenda has decided to move to hope instead of my preference which happened to be mission and now i am worried about starving to death.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Dave is a very good cook (his sweet and sour is to die for!!) but best of all he is a very economical shopper! The cashiers all want to steal him! He cooks, he shops and he likes animals. He can cook for you when he goes down but after 40 years - we sort of match.