Rescue Journal

getting back to basics.

Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2009

i got a firm email tonight...very respectful and polite but firm...his mom sent a large donation last march, inquired a few times and still has not gotten a tax receipt. i bet you they are pissed and i don't blame them. sigh...i offered my apologies, everything was so confusingly techno back then. i like the new system better...the donation comes in, mj hand writes a receipt and a thank you card, sticks on a stamp and then she enters it in the deposit book and drops the envelope in the mail on the way to the bank.

way less technical, and yes not as professional looking but i used to get several emails a month looking for receipts and since we have switched to cave man mode last july...i believe i have gotten a grand total of 3.

we make stuff way too complicated sometimes.

anyway i wrote out a receipt and will drop it in the mail tomorrow on my way to work...not that it makes any difference to their months of frustration... but i really am truly sorry.

you have no idea how overwhelming this all is to me sometimes....there is always something forgotten or left undone that pops out of somewhere...holy smoke...i better pay the hydro and gas bill asap too.

have i said how much i love gilbert...what a sweet, friendly and affectionate goat. i know he really likes me, (mostly because he is REALLY lonely and desperate) and i can't wait to finally let him join edith and pete (and then he happily can snub me for the lowly human that he no longer needs) least another 2 weeks buddy, but that depends on what the vet says at your three week check up.

fourlane is SUCH A FREAKING JERK! i got mad at him tonight and said if he doesn't at least try to be nice, i WILL kick him out of my room. in response to my anger, the dumbo-dolt just rubbed his face and neck all over me like he is some kind of rabbit, scent defining his territory. he is a very weird dog.

i am thinking of moving lucky into the mp room and niko into the office. lucky likes the mp room and niko likes the office porch.

and then i can stick phoebe back into the entranceway with a crate which she for some reason likes too. not that she currently is being bad right now...actually lately she has been pretty good. besides...we all know the wretched red whirling wonder...the good only lasts for awhile at best.

2 cats lost (shilo and betsy) and 2 dogs out on trials (chyna and jack)...i am actually feeling like i can breathe again...for both sad and happy reasons...but the reality is, right now there are 4 less for me to worry about and i can feel that tonight.

there is only one more new incoming...BJ (the anxiety ridden aussie cross) is coming at the end of may and everyone else i am just saying no to because even if i feel somewhat better, we are still too full.

plus...remember will and grace (the bad thing i did when i bought the $300 pair of "exotic" kittens from the BYB on side of the road?...i still cannot believe i did that!!!) anyway...they are coming (with their little dog sister lucy) to stay for a week in mid may while their family is way. i work with their mom, and she is really worried about leaving them anywhere so they are coming here for a bit cuz she knows i care about them an awful lot too.

we are going to start getting to some other basics around occurs to me that part of the issue was trying to do too much. we aren't ready yet for the big "professional" facility yet. we really are just a really big, grassroots but well set up...home. and what we do need is to be rock solid basic quality of care...nothing fancy just simply good. when we are more ready, then we can grow more stylistically and professionally.

i think simple is good.



Your friend doesn't happen to live in Mission does she? What about hiring a pet sitter? I am sure there is one in her community.... their pets aren't stressed by going somewhere strange. They get to stay in the comfort of their own home and routine. Carol you have enough on your plate! Just a thought to pass the word that there are options for people.


i wonder how lucky and niko would get along together. niko will be really segregated when he has to be locked in the office because he has to share the porch with dusty. or maybe dusty might get along with him, but then lucky can not go outside either. i did not know anyone was interested in jack. keep our fingers crossed for both him and chyna. how did the fundraiser go


um if you move lucky into the mp room won't dusty take issue with that?