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twitters (i believe)

Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2009

(tyra spends a couple of hours each afternoon pulling down cat bowls from counters and shelves, carrying them to the nearest bed and licking them clean.)

tyra is a good housekeeper.

asia had her face in the dry cat food bowl pretty much most of today.

i was not on a day off.

i did not have a 4 day weekend.

i was apparently supposed to be working.

i got to work late today.

it is quiet here without chyna.

it is quieter without jack.

jack went home on two week trial today.

apollo is off all insulin until we get his pancreatitis under control.

endora and harrison are spooning together in a cat bed on the counter.

mcdonalds cups suck.

mcdonalds cups red ink comes off and stains beige pants.

(someone (with more time and energy) should sue and make mcdonalds pay for my new cargo pants and the embarassment i suffered for looking like i had lipstick prints on the inside of my thigh while at work today.)

holding a cup between your legs while driving is a bad idea.

just to reiterate...i am a plant.



"QUOTE" Carol...."looking like i had lipstick prints on the inside of my thigh while at work today"

Oh Ya MacDonalds.....That might confirm that rumour goin round....lmao.....Gottcha... :o :o....wish I could say that....but alas Im lipstick on my pants..... :( :(

Chris T

Actually, should you actually do them on Twitter they would be called tweets and you are limited to 140 characters. Not bad though!