Rescue Journal

i am always whining and complaining about the hard stuff...

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2009

how difficult rescue is....particularly for me personally.

so let me tell you of something besides the animals that touches me deeply and warmly today.

saints is ranked 1st in bc, 2nd in canada, and in the top 50 overall for both the states and canada in the petfinder shelter challenge....that is out of a thousand shelters on both sides of the border. now this may not last. many shelters/rescues were late getting on board with the contest and they have the ability to sweep right past. and that's long as they rescue animals and care for them, i don't actually care who wins.

but i am so moved by the support that we have been given, i know this is a very special thing.

and...the cbc national piece...we figured it out today and the donations resulting from it are over 10 thousand dollars and still they are dribbling in...that is more than half of our current vet bills owing right now. there were a few larger donations, a $500, a $1000...but most of them were $10, $20, $50 or $100....there were alot of these smaller donations and they added up to alot of money.

the generosity of this is overwhelming..the donations came from far and wide, coast to coast, canada, the US and from overseas and most were accompanied by really kind notes of support. all of them thanking us for looking after the saints crippled crew.

and lets face it, looking after the animals themselves, is mostly a great joy (with a few pains in the neck) so we really don't need to be thanked for it because i think we get the greater gift in caring for them all.

anyway...i just want to thank our volunteers, to our staff, to the people who send us the gifts to pay for the animals vet the folks that send us donated meds, beds, canadian tire money, food, jackets, cots for me to sleep on when an animal is ill, to the folks who vote for us every day so we can win $1000 to pay more the people who speak kindly of us and help spread the word about what we do, to our blog friends who hold my hand when i am afraid, or angry or sad or just am being crazy or the silent lurkers who share in the laughter and tears.

i forget sometimes that we are not alone...we have an army standing beside us, around us, keeping us safe...and i am truly grateful for the kindness and the caring that has spread like a warm blanket over all of us here.

i may not say it often...but the best parts of saints and myself are because of your endless goodness of heart.

thank you.



Hey there,

Everytime I click on the big purple logo to vote for Saints it says Page not available. Is the link broken? Or is the site just down a lot?


Some are born to lead, most are born to follow. You have a very large pack!
Another reason some maybe having difficulty finding SAINTS onpf is that Mission is spelt incorrectly (Misson)


Yeah Carol. You deserve this. For all your hard work, foresaking things we all take for granted (like sleep, enough room on the bed, vacations, spending time with family without concern for 100 animals) and for all the hard decisions you have to make on a daily basis. Thank you everyone who has donated or supported Saints in any way.


that is awesome for saints to receive domations from so many caring people. you and your crippled crew really are loved and appreciated and people recognize all that you do. congrats and thanks for the very warm and caring makes me and i am sure everyone else feel great knowing we are in some way making a difference in the animals lives. and i also wanted to say carrie did an awsome job on the fundraiser.