Rescue Journal

i am worried about spot tonight.

Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2009

she is moving very slowly...she is very wobbly, she almost wobbled over and fell a couple of times. her eyes have a bit of a wild, panicked look...she is almost 21 yrs old and she not feeling like herself tonight.

i got her over onto the soft hog fuel...i gave her the grain, a ton of hay and a big container with water. she is eating and drinking but i am still worried.

i think she might have had a small stroke.

eat well, drink well, rest well tonight spot, and please be stronger and sturdier and feeling better tomorrow.

thurs am update...she is up on her feet this morning so that is good as long as she didn't stay up on her feet all night. i have asked the staff to keep her in the riding ring with endless food and water right beside her til noon and to keep the horses out in the upper field with their hay and water over there. lahanie maybe keeping her away from the hay in the mornings...he is a glutton and she will not stand up to him. best to give her the entire morning to eat as much as she wants without worry about big hungry horses who are afraid of being hungry again too.
i also said to call the vets if she starts acting weird again.