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and here i thought i was done with euthanasias for a while...

Nicole  ·  Apr. 23, 2009

i'm sad to say that i lost my dear Thorny tonight.

his name was changed from Cuddles to Thorny, because he's just not that cuddley:


Pensive thorny:


We found out he had lung cancer a few months ago after he had a troubling go with a root tooth abcess that wouldn't go away. He kept on motoring along, even got to go outside a few times last week since the weather was so nice for some sniffing around in the yard, which he loved and would always try to hide from me when i would bring him in again.

but slowly he lost more and more weight and this week he wasn't as a voracious eater and then this morning he didn't want to eat so i went into work to get him some a/d. Heated it up and he promptly ate it all, so i thought yay, he's back to eating, but then i went to wake him tonight to get him to eat more and he couldn't stand on his own and he was ataxic. So i brought him into work and it was decided that something occured in his brain, whether it be a tumour or what not, but it wasn't going to get better, so he got a lovely sleepy premed and then we said goodbye.

i'm so tired of saying goodbye to such amazing and wonderful animals. ozzie, honey, millie, wesley, thorny, they were some of the most crazy, unique, loveable animals i have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with and all dumped because someone didn't love them enough to give them the life they deserved.

i'm a little mad at the world tonight. why don't people get it. i'm not going to lie, i'm happy that their 5 families dumped them because i got to know them and love them, but boy, did they miss out and they're not even aware of that.


Amy Dalgliesh

Hi Nicole,

You don't know me, I'm one of the lurkers, but I wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. That old man reminds me of so many I have dearly loved.

While I am not a country music fan, during the terminal sickness and loss of Dusty,(unfortunately only one of many losses over the years), there was a popular song by Garth Brookes that said "I could have missed the pain, but I'd've had to miss the dance". While I'm sure he wasn't singing about animals, I think about this line every time I lose someone. Although it hurts greatly, I wouldn't give up the time together for the world.

You gave Thorny love and the safe feeling of home. Please know what a difference you made in his life.


Nicole...I am a good friend of Mo's that you met at the Cloverdale Pet fair one year. I am sure you don't remember me but I remember being so impressed by your youth and committment to these seniors. I thought wow I wish my relations at a young age could see what these seniors give. I am sorry for your pain and admit it must be awful to go thro this so often...having recently lost our own senior it hurts so bad. I am glad tho that you are out there giving and accept reality...peace to you and all your charges...may you have some time before your next companion needs to move on..


Nicole, I am so sorry for yet another painful loss. I believe that we get the animals we do either because we are very capable and good at what they require or because we have something to learn. In your case, I think it is the first one. Take care and run free Thorny. Who is Sandy?

Chris T

Nicole - you take some of the most difficult and sick animals which is an incredible act of service to our canine and feline companions. I feel the same way about the families who dump these wonderful animals and the fact that I now get to know them. Mabel, Molly, Tucker and now Gemma Joy have graced our lives. I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. Their loss is felt so profoundly because the fill up such a big space. Take care of yourself and cuddle with Shrek and Fiona and Sandy.


Nicole, I am so sorry for you loss - for all the losses. And I am so glad that each of them received your loving care - they are the fortunate ones, for they got to experience what each animal deserves.

Rest in peace, Thorny.


i am so sorry nicole..i thought he jumped over another bump in his road yesterday...he was a tough old cat (19? by his tattoo)..i bet he saw alot in that long life line of his and the part that he liked the best was the last bit with you being thorny.
take care...they aren't really gone...they are all still hovering around you.


sorry for your loss Nicole & Thorny was so lucky to have have been able to end his time here loved by someone so special !!


I'm so sorry Nicole. You're right though he didn't look like a Cuddles, Thorny was much more appropriate name, Rest in peace Thorny.


i am sorry nicole for your loss. what a great home he had and had you with him at the end. he was one lucky cat. looking at the pics of him, he really did look like a thorny. too cute