Rescue Journal

i am on vacation for a week

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2009

spot is still not right. a new lynn was here today, she is doing up the last of her TTOUCH and therapuetic massage course, she can feel something dark in spot's head...i said like a stroke? she said more like a growth. whatever it IS her head that is the problem...and ellie is not good today either, she is in pain again. ellie never did get out of bed til dinnertime. then she ate and drank and went back to bed. the farm vets are coming tomorrow to see them both cuz i am really quite worried.

loridawn is coming tomorrow too...she can check out the new cancer boston (sorry, i forget his name) and i think she wants to check out some of the other guys that we are doing a few new medical things for too. we are trialing some new pain stuff for lex, tony and jewel...and there is apollo's pancreatitis tx, les's meds got switched around and then there is asia and boo too.

there is an innocence out there regarding rescue...i got a few emails asking me please to not say no to the animals, help them, they need me. i don't think folks realize how horrible it would be here if i never said no...we would not have 100 now we would probably have almost a thousand. i have been consistently turning away about a dozen animals a month since we started....sometimes a lot more, sometimes a little less...what's a dozen per month times four and a half years...too many.

and since the CBC thing, i have gotten quite a few from people who one day want to do what i you don't.

it looks nice on TV but unless you absolutely love being trapped and enslaved, and not being able to get into your own freaking bed, and having to have 2 full washers and dryers running all day long and still not getting thru all of the laundry..unless you want to be broke while you work 2 jobs, 18 hours a day for many, many years and still retire without a cent of security with a wrecked back, and wrecked knees, and a wrecked ankle and a decade of eating and sleeping improperly, unless you can handle absolutely no privacy, no secrets, no hidden skeletons in your closet, and everyone knowing everything that happens in your life everyday and with the added fun of an occasional interactive "we don't like you" peanut gallery..unless you want to feel guilty and inadequate and angry and lost and frightened and really do not want to do what i do.

do it cleaner, do it smaller, do it with more money, more freedom, more of a life of your own...that would be better than how i do it.

tomorrow is the first day of my week of vacation from work...on my to do list is...

my personal laundry..3 weeks later and it still ain't done.

load up and take a full van load to recycling

feed run, cleaning supply run, vet run for special diets.

pay the goddamn hydro and gas bills!!!!!

put some money down on all of the vet accounts, pay the receiver general for the last 2 months payroll.

2 housecalls from the vet and barn guys too.

admit and settle in the little boston terrier.

break down the chicken cage from the medical room, clean up the disaster mess in the medical room.

clean both of the bathrooms, both of which are pretty gross and tidy up the shop and mp room again cuz they are getting out of control again too.

there is ton of wasted hay on the ground and it is easier to pick up when it is dry.

and pick up the fertilizer and lime...10 50 pound bags of each to be ready to repair the damage to our grass land by monday morning cuz it will take most of next week to do all of the property.

pick up the new donated FeLV cat benches that are waiting at the second hand store.

return about 20 emails and about half a dozen phone calls.
plus care for the diabetics and the sickies like spot and ellie, apollo, and the FeLV's, spend time with the lonely ones like les, jes, caspar, angel, cleo, lucky, dusty, daffy and gilbert....

tomorrow is going to be a very busy first day of holiday.



That was funny Mo. Maybe vacant is a better word. She looks like she isn't too happy yet. Of course I have only seen her a couple of times and brief at that.


HA Ha Ha ... and that is simply in response to the title of this blog...

Lucy looks lost... what do you mean , lost where ?

Speaking of lost.. has Wolfie been spotted at all ?