Rescue Journal

just a quickie..i am busy

Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2009

the vet check with spot did not go we couldn't catch her, stubborn old cow. we stopped chasing her when her breathing became too rapid. tomorrow we will try with more of us to quickly herd her into a stall before the vet gets here.

rabbit wars..i moved stevie down into the group of 4...sidney is being an absolute jerk so tonight i am bunny referree'ing.

the boston is here...his name is butch and his cancer looks far too advanced for any real quality of life. loridawn saw him this morning. we will do high doses of pred. over the is a mast cell tumour and steriods will sometimes shrink them..if it works, we might buy him some time to find contentment and peace here at the end of his life. but if the pred doesn't work, he will need to be euthanized before the tumour causes him too much distress...probably early next week.

oh...and MAC called today...wolfie has been found and returned to his home.



lol colleen...those guys are fenced, and re-fenced several times over the past couple of years..they used to open the latched gate til the humans padlocked it...they are opportunists..they wait, and they plot..they know eventually something will happen that they can take advantage of and then they take full advantage til their newest escape route is discovered and dog proofed again...really there is not much else for them to do to pass the time away.


Very happy Wolfie was found...again.

I can't wrap my mind around allowing dogs/cats to wander. It's a supreme peeve of mine.

Fencing is available FREE!! on freecyle, craigslist etc.


Here's hoping that Angel helps Butch settle in quickly and they get back to being bff. Thank goodness Wolfie is okay. I hope their owner's will learn from this.

Please, Spot, let everyone help you. One way or another you will feel better - but I hope that God allows you more wonderful time at SAINTS.


they are together...angel did just give him a kiss on my bed but butch is too busy trying to figure out what just happened to his world today.


Have Angel and Butch had their reunion yet? If so, were they excited to see each other?