Rescue Journal

it suddenly occurs to me...

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2009

that i am sick. i have been bitching for weeks about my sinus headaches so today is no different than any other...except, progressively today, i started to feel even worse. first the burning chest, then the sore throat, the headache that won't go away, the fever, the chills and and swollen glands along with some very sore joints.

someone was recently up here recovering from the flu...who the heck was it? .. i am thinking of hurting you!

bad time to feeel like crap...too many others feel like crap around here for me not to be on top of my game.

spot did get put into the barn for the vet and it went very well with 5 of us to move her along without chance to escape. we took blood, she has no fever but her heart and chest do not sound good....21 yr old it is heart disease. anyway...she got some anti-inflamatory and antibiotic injections and we will wait to see what the blood work says.

diablo has ripped open his face was just starting to heal!

sidney got stuck up in a cage cuz he would not leave stevie alone. i might let him out again tomorrow if i feel like rabbit referree'ing again.

only one tour today, but that just about did me in because i feel so unwell. i had a rest and put the barn guys to bed early and now i am going to poke the diabetics so i can be done for the night. and i better feel better tomorrow or i am going to be in a bad mood.



Have you been watching the news about the swine flu? Have you had contact with anyone who was recently in Mexico? If you think it's flu, I think you're supposed to go & get swabbed for a serotype.....
get well