Rescue Journal

wow...what a difference in butch's tumour this morning

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2009

one dose of prednisone and the mass is down about 30%. mast cell tumours are histamine triggered..that is why when you mess with them, they balloon up and grow really fast. the pred. as a steroid, calms down the histamine, makes the tumour chill out a bit and shrink....but i haven't ever seen such a drastic improvement with just one dose before.

so i am not so upset this morning...maybe we can help him feel good for a little while longer. way to go butch...good dog!

he and angel slept together on the same bed last night. and he really is a brave and stoic little thing, so typically boston. he met all the bedroom crew and just took it all in stride. i am thinking butch will wait til i am totally heads over heels in love before he decides it's time to die.

ellie was better yesterday too...i gave her a dose of quatrisol the night before and yesterday she spent most of the day trucking around in the mud around the pond until she decided in the late afternoon to join the rest of the upper barn crew.

yesterday was so busy...the photographers were here to shoot for the new BC pet rescue calender, a trainer was here to look around, and there was one other tour. we had the 2 vet housecalls and i told that bugger sidney that if he is still being a jerk today...he is the one i will pull out of that bunny pen for awhile so he better be good.

i got all of the feed and supplies, i got to recycle too and at the end of a very long day, tammy helped me buy and unload almost $700 of fertilizers and seed to repair the grazing grass around here...ouch!

but i still HAVE to pay some bills, do my laundry and answer the latest emails!!!!



A little bit of good news! My family helped me with a yard sale today for SAINTS. We raised $214.00 which was a lot of sales when you consider most items were priced at $1.00. One more drop towards the bills!

We also heard many stories of animals that people have rescued over the years. It helps us to remember that there are many good people out there.

Anne Windisch

Welcome Butch, you are in an angel's arms. Thank you Carol for yet another extended hand.

Well said Beverley, you no doubt have made a difference in the lives of the little ones that have no choice but to live until they die. That life can be lovely and loving or cruel and cold. Send them off with love. Bless you.

Beverley Wristen

I really have never understood why people no longer want their animals when they become old and sick. Of the three dogs that were given to me that were no longer wanted i accepted them as precious gifts of love. My little chihuahua who was so sick when i got her lived for another two years with us and when her time had come for her to go to Rainbow Bridge she passed away peacefully in my arms with her head laying on my shoulder. The way that i look at it is that it is my honor to serve them until the end of their days.