Rescue Journal

bad animal day

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2009

for a day that started out pretty rough with me feeling like absolute ended pretty well.

we had a poor start, the dogs were again insane this morming so after i had unloaded the crap from the back of the trailer and filled it up with bags of fertilizer and pulled it around to the bottom field...i decided to grab the dogs for a quick walk before everyone else arrived.

we did not even make it out of the gate before jesse jumped niko and the fight was on. i pulled jess off and gave him supreme shit and then spent the next couple of hours imagining a brand new shock collar to zap him good and hard with every time he just had to be a jerk. trouble is...i was so pissed off at him, i am not altogether sure i would actually take my finger off of the button any time soon....sigh...i better not buy one but i bet it would feel good to give him a taste of his own bad tempered medicine. oh the things i just cannot do...but part of me would really like to. took a couple of hours of me tossing around fertilizer and moss killer to actually forgive him. by the end of the morning i was so stiff and sore, i forgot that i was mad at him.

the volunteers here today were on fire...everything got done and done really well and all without me too (because i stayed down in the bottom field)

butch was playing with a ball today!!! now that almost made me cry because he felt so good. what a difference in his face again today, that tumour has shrunk at least 50%. yay again butch!!!

spritely's leg has split open today so that is a bit of a worry. and gilbert the goat is becoming everyone's favorite because he is just so freaking sweet and cute. spot seems better and is moving really well. the rabbit wars are still a big issue. sidney is back up in the cage tonight and i am ready to admit defeat and just split that pen down the middle. bad bunnies!

i had a nap for an hour and then we all met at KO's house for this incredibly amazing dinner. we have decided to kidnap vern and make him take turns cooking for all of us. it was nice to see lady and lippy and to see how happy they are in their home. that is what makes rescue worth while, the lucky ones who end up spoiled rotten in the very best homes.

jack's new family called...they said there is no way they are ever giving that dog back...they are totally in love and jack is really happy so i guess the trial is over, it is a perfect match. yay jack!!!

barn bed time was a bit of a gong show...lahanie has learned how to open the latch on the back barges the horses, in barges the goats and the sheep and the pig and the llama and i was not ready for them yet. pete knocked grammy right off her feet...bad pete...very bad!!! and percy took advantage and broke thru the other gate to lick and suck on the little orange tractor which he really and truly loves.

i had niko out with me to put the barn guys to bed cuz he missed his walk because jesse was such a jerk earlier. and all of a sudden i see edith chasing that poor dog around trying to knock him over like pete knocked over grammy...edith!!...bad, bad goat!!! leave the freaking poor dog alone!

it was not our best barn bedtime....but the dinner out was REALLY good.



Thanks Kathy & Vern sooo much for totally spoiling us. The only problem is I now feel like one big garlic clove this least it's K.O. who sits beside me at work...but the poor customers who come into our vicinity best beware!!


Dinner was absolutley amazing I asked f they would adopt me... only to find out there is a line up of ...sp a HUGE thanks to Vern for the best dinner I have had in months & the " to go " plate so I can have it all over again tonight.

BTW Carol... Edith is simply getting Niko back for harrassing her... I watch Niko closely with the farm guys ( translate to "I don't trust him " _ Edith I'm sure can look after herself ... but Hmm the sheep don't have those horns to scare him off with.


thamks again kathy and vern, for a truly amazing dinner and company. lippy and lady are so happy where they are what a great place they ended up in.