Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2009

i just paid the hydro and gas bills online..had to use my credit card cuz i just don't have that much cash in my account...just shy of $2000..that freaking well hurt!!

sorry furry guys...tomorrow i am turning off the gas fireplaces and the furnaces in the house and the ain't that cold anymore. and no more tv, radios, and lights on all the time all over the place anymore either...get used to the dark and the peace and quiet. heating and electrifying four big buildings is just way past what i can afford.

somehow i ended up with $500 credit on the shaw phone/cable/internet bill tho...looks like i made some kind of online typo mistake when i paid that bill last that is good i suppose.

good lord this place is expensive...between the mortgage and insurances and utilities, i need a second PAYING job!

so i am thinking...if i ditch all the animals...sell this white elephant of a money sucking farm and move into a little apartment somewhere...i would have a ton of freaking money left at the end of each month!

i could come home from work and kick my shoes off...cook myself some dinner on a stove that does not have a cat bed on it..lay on a comfortable hair free couch and at bedtime have the entire bed all to MYSELF!!!

i could travel over to europe on my vacation every year...tour thru the streets of paris, i could visit portugal!

i could have a dining room table again...shit..i could have a kitchen table and chairs too..i could invite my kids over for, even have the family christmas at my place if i wanted to.

if money can buy happiness...i make enough money to be comfortably happy...

so what the hell am i doing here???

oh yeah...getting exhausted and going bankrupt so a bunch of leaky, sick, old and pain in the ass animals can have a dignified end.

there damn well better be a pretty and happy forever rainbow bridge waiting for me cuz there ain't gonna be anything left for me on this side when i am ready to cross over too.



zues wasn't lost, wolfie was, and yes wolfie is home again. the pound called me but i didn't find out til this weekend that it was lynne our volunteer who found him and when she couldn't get hold of me, she called the pound. yay lynne for finding wolfie!