Rescue Journal

phoebe just wants the day to get going....

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2009

she is standing behind me on the computer chair, staring at the door, whining and occasionally licking my nose cuz she wants everyone to get here so the excitement of the day can begin.

i, on the other hand, would like to just sit in this chair, in the peace and quiet and never have the day start at all...time freeze.

it reminds me of the movie click....unlike that guy who was into fast forward...i would just freeze frame the quiet moments and make them last as long as i can.

i did finally sleep, and i slept in til almost 8...the mess wasn't too bad so that was ok.

i feel a bit better, i think i am on the mend...the volunteers took good care of me yesterday, besides doing all of the work, and then feeding me an amazing dinner...helga brought me soup and orange juice and cold fx and brenda brought me lunch and made me drink the orange juice while shoving fx pills down my throat. i swear to god, we would be so screwed around here if it wasn't for the great folks who take care of us all.

so today on the menu is fertilizing the upper yards (the big pasture has to wait a few weeks til we move the farm animals off) and doing something about the bunny wars...i guess we will need to put in a new cease fire bunny border....they are such vicious fighters.

who'd have thought that rabbit blending was 10 times harder than it is with any other species...they look so sweet and innocent but those little buggers are territorial fiends.

when i was a kid, i used to watch "i dream of jeannie" and "bewitched" every single day...i so wanted to be able to wrinkle my nose or blink my eyes and make everything happen so fast. for some reason today i am thinking of this again and wishing i could just do the quick thing with my nose and make everything clean and tidy, make the money pour in, make the animals safe and happy and quiet and then just go back to bed and enjoy it all being done right.



i kind of figured it was a lost cause...steve is going to build the very last bunny pen we can squeeze in there when he has time...until then i have separated the pen with an xpen fence which looks like crap but works ok for now.
pain in the butt bunnies.


Never mind, I thought you were trying for a pair. Trying to bond a single into a large group is tough. I once had a great group of three, then all of a sudden two ganged up one one and I had to seperate, I wasn't trying to intoduce anyone new, they were two sistes and a brother. People have no freakin idea what they are getting into when it come to rabbits. One of those same rabbits ate my wall right down to the studs, then started eating them as well, did this while I was sleeping. In all the years I have lived with rabbits there has been alot of stuff destroyed and many fights in the learning process, kind of like living with Este!


all four rabbits hate him...i do have a BIG carrier if you wanna try with all 5!


Try stuffing both bunnies in a small carrier & going for a car ride. The fear should help create a bond. It may sound cruel but I have had luck bonding difficult bunnies this way. If you would rather not I can come & try this weekend for you.