Rescue Journal

spritely is heading for a crises again

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2009

the leg split open again on the weekend...we have been hosing and spraying it with iodine. tonight she is eating her hay but won't eat her mash (which has her meds in it like it always does)..i have soaked it in hot molassass and chopped up her apples to mix in but she is being stubborn cuz her leg hurts and it is really swollen so she is not eating that stuff. i hosed her down again, hoping to freeze it a bit so she will eat her dinner but no way. i will give her an hour and then scoop it all out and use a syringe to get those meds that she needs down her throat. the leg smells bad tonight. i will get the vets out tomorrow but tonight i think i will give her an antibiotic injection to get her started again.

she has been so good for quite awhile now, i forget how scary it is when that leg starts to go bad.

i love you spritely..please not yet...not yet.

9 pm update...spritely ate HALF of her dinner...just enough to totally mess me up so now i don't know how much of her meds she actually got...there were big doses in there so now i don't dare to try to shove more down her throat cuz i don't know how much she actually got of what was in there.

way to go spritely...lets just stress me out with even more uncertainty on this latest roller coaster better have gotten enough to feel better by morning!



Spritely is just trying to keep you on your toes. Here's hoping tomorrow goes great!