Rescue Journal

what an absolutely wasted day

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2009

i don't even know where the whole day went and i didn't get much of anything accomplished today. i got up, took the dogs for a run, went to grab my breakfast and stopped at the post office for a package for saints. then i came home, we consulted over the rabbit wars, went back out and had to go to three different places to get the right sized xpen, the clips and a pylon (for the manure pile...we want to dump in certain areas.)...came home, set up the rabbit border...loridawn came so then we did some vet stuff.

the FELV's look really good, the virus in there is almost completely gone...just louise with a tiny bit of sniffles and miranda with a weepy eye...another bit of meds for them and mosley had his mouth checked...still a bit red so some more meds for him too...then the house cats...harrison is quite ill right now so he is on meds and eddy and boo need another depo injection for their sore mouths too. apollo is starting back on a very low dose of insulin...2 u twice a day. les is looking good...butch is looking amazing...the vet said he doesn't even look like the same dog that she saw on friday. tammy and i bought him some new toys today. he LOVES the purple squeaky dinosaur and eddy already tore apart the softy/stuffy ball he liked alot too.

by early afternoon, i was again feeling like utter crap so we went out to the ABC and i stuffed my congested head and chest with a milkshake and a peach cobbler and made myself feel even worse. is it feed a cold and starve a fever or the other way around???? we stopped at the vets on the way home and paid part of the bill (there is only enough for each vet clinic to have $2500) and picked up the new meds and then i came home and totally crashed yet again.

and really what did i do today????....sweet bugger all....oh well... still barn bedtime, diabetics and my laundry..maybe tomorrow i will feel more like myself again.



It is "Feed a cold and starve a fever". Maybe you have more than a cold if you are feeling queasy or not eating the right kind of food!