Rescue Journal

nina won't eat

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2009

unless you hang out at saints, you might not get the signifiance of this. but i just noticed, she seemed a bit quiet,,,so i offered her a peak frean i tried one of KO's mom's homemade buns (nina LOVES bread) interest i pulled out some of the turkey that KO sent home with me the other night..nina is not eating turkey either.

nina not going bezerke over even the remote possibility of some kind of food is a very serious thing....she seems otherwise comfortable and totally relaxed (but the second the fridge opens she should be barking her head off and trying to remove your fingers from your hand)

geez nina, you've got me really worried now.



oh yes nina not eating is like us not breathing. it is second nature to her. she howls nonstop wkhen she smells food so you know there is really something wrong with her when she will not eat hope all goes well.


That's how I know Nudge isn't well, when she isn't begging for food and appearing in the kitchen every time I'm there.