Rescue Journal

not one of my better days

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2009

i didn't take suzie to the vet cuz if that dog is dying, it is from gluttony....she has had her face stuck in some kind of food bowl every time i turned around today.

nina is still at the vets on IV fluids and antibiotics...her mouth is infected again despite her recent dental but colleen does not think that is the real issue here. they drew some blood and we will have to wait for the results but nina is really very ill and she crashed within hours last night soooo...maybe addisons disease?

tony the doorknob bit me in the arm today cuz we were both in a bad mood. i was sick and trying to mop around the food bowl and he was hungry and trying to eat so when i pulled him by the collar out of my way, he bit me in the arm...i deserved it but he should have been more forgiving.

jesse jumped niko again fault, i stupidly let the dogs in thru niko's yard...i had jess off in a second cuz i realized right away i made a big mistake and shoved jess back into his own yard. but...he is a doorknob too for being such an absolute jerk where niko is concerned.

IF i am not feeling better tomorrow when i get up...i will go to the clinic...hopefully i won't have to cuz there are other things i would rather do.



crap, just when i was bringing someone by to look at nina to take home. hope she is going to be okay. and susie too and you too. best get checked out, you have not been well for sometime and with your day to day life that is not good.