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Carol  ·  May 1, 2009

i went to the city, asked for the applications...immediately they asked if i was carol? and they were so very kind and compassionate. the application is filled out and handed in and i am hoping to arrange for an inspection as early as can be. while my natural fearful inclination is to hide dogs...i have decided not to do this. we will do this completely above board and honestly and then deal with whatever it is that we will have to deal with. the animals currently at saints (and the 2 incoming that i already have committed to) are not under any personal risk. the city will not make us "get rid of" (cuz where will they go, this is the end of the line anyway) or euthanize in order to comply to the rules. they will work with us to find a solution that is a time line to comply. lets face it, a dozen of the dogs currently here will reach the end of their natural life before the end of the year. so i will try not to worry, you try not to worry...i think we have enough good karma to find a way thru this newest the city folks are REALLY nice (and not scary) too.



not to mention the vets Carol uses and the pizza places and animal food etc. and McD's.

Chris T

It will all work out Carol and I don't think SAINTS will look much different at the end of the day. I think one of the things you could plug is the exposure was/is good for Mission. I am sure you boost the local economy with all those volunteers coming from all over the place. Think of the Timmies spin offs!