Rescue Journal was not one of my better days and it started and ended on an unhappy note

Carol  ·  May 1, 2009

first thing this morning, i noticed mj was here to pick up this weeks deposits so i pop over to say hi to her and walk into this utter fecal disaster of lucky decorating the entire office with an explosion of was EVERYWHERE...the floors were covered, she was covered, the walls hadn't fared all that well either.

shit...literally. it was a disgustuing and massive clean up...poor mj was stuck in a corner til i could get to it all.

then 2 quick vet visits...buddy seemed really unwell and boo was still puking...they are both are home now and we await boo's blood results and buddy seems ok this evening.

the dogs were extra special quiet today and i really appreciated their effort in this.

the whole kennel application was stressful and even tho i am trying not to worry...i am a die hard worrier.

one of the new dogs arrived...the sweet little 2 yr old pancreatic brittany with a very sensitive tummy who eats everything in sight, including light bulbs. having met this lovely little dog...there is no way on earth he possibly could have risked dying because of his troubles. i suspect we have another diet watched too closely guy who has developed a serious neurosis about stuffing his face and gut. he chowed down an entire kibble bowl without stopping for air. i guess we will see what the outcome of his gluttony is.
it reminds me of when darla arrived...she ate til she puked and then ate and puked again for three solid days til she finally felt enough food had filled her. while she did get a bit portly, she never really cared too much about food again....there was just too much around to worry so much.

anyway, he is a very nice dog and unfortunately he has already discovered my bed....his name is timmy and i think he won't be long here...he is just too lovely not to find a wonderful home.

mo took tammy and i out for my birthday dinner...i wanted wonton soup because that is my comfort sick food. (i will see my family this weekend when i am a bit better.) and that was the good part of today...the worst part was yet to come.

laura had kindly offered to put the barn guys to bed for me. and i was going to show her how to do spritely's injection.

but...after all of the years that i have been injecting that horse...something went terribly wrong. within seconds of giving the shot...spritely went nutz. she was bucking and kicking and throwing herself around. i thought at one point because she was so insane with panic, she was literally going to try to jump out the window. her nose was bleeding from banging her face and i thought holy shit...i must have missed the muscle and injected into a vein (there was no blood draw back in the needle when i injected) in a full panic i called the emergency vet.

apparently IF i had gotten that med into her vein...she would have dropped and died within seconds (HUH??? NO ONE TOLD ME THAT!!!!) the vet said in about one out of every 200 injections, you can hit a nerve bundle that totally hurts so bad, it makes them lose their minds for a few minutes. she didn't die, but i REALLY hurt spritely tonight. when she was calm and better, she would not even look at me and kept turning her back. i offered her an way. i got her sugar way...i told her over and over i was so very sorry.

after about a half an hour she did eat a sugar cube from my hand but only because sparkles and gideon seemed to like them.

i have never lost so completely all trust before with any of all of the many, many animals who have come into my care.

i feel like shit and laura said after what she just saw...she is never injecting spritely for me either.

i am so very, very sorry spritely.



Spritely loves you, Carol. She's a smart, intuitive animal, and she'll figure out that you meant her no harm. It'll take you far longer to forgive yourself for something you never meant to happen.....
Spritely will let it go. She'll do it faster if you can, too.