Rescue Journal

so today i am half a century plus another year old...

Carol  ·  May 1, 2009 what have i learned?

i have learned that the best things in life are free....

true friendships without strings and agenda's built not on each other's needs, but on a shared abiding love and concern for someone else.

children who grow into wonderful adults who love you completely (but are glad not to live with you anymore)

leaking, old, crippled, dying animals that no one else wants to live with anymore.

passionate, life long,committed hard work...unpaid for in terms of money but well compensated in terms of personal growth.

and tears...shed together, shed alone, shed in public and in secret too...tears are the foundation of real happiness without fear....they free you to recognize and acknowledge and participate in the pure laughter and joy around us, everywhere.

and finally...i have learned that no matter how many times i tell a certain beagle's 10 year long story one will actually believe he is as bad as i say.

this morning, we had a lovely moment of cuddling on my pillow, til that little bastard just had to try to walk on my head and PAINFULLY pull out a ton of my hair.

happy birthday carol, now get the hell out of bed.



Happy birthday, Carol! I'd encourage you to pamper yourself but instead I'm sure you'll be CHANGING pampers on numerous incontinent animals. :-)

Judy B

Cheers Carol - You should definately dip into your "Bailey's" stash today! :)


Happy B/day again!! Nothing like a cuddle from the beagle, what a way to start the day!! (I know you secretly love him, come on admit it!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD GIRL......Must be a typo...51.....come on the last time you saw 51.......was 1951.... :shock: :shock:.....its OK...yur not old...................For a tree... :shock:...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) :)