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trying to make carol's birthday a little bit better.

Nicole  ·  May 1, 2009

i know the quick visit to city hall went well, but just wanting to make carol's birthday a wee bit better:

I know you haven't seen the videos in a while cause i don't keep them up on the website.

2007 video

2008 video
the videos should start on their own, just wait 30 sec or so for them to load.

...this better not backfire and make you sad seeing all the lovely saints we've lost over the last few years.

Happy Birthday Carol!
Now go rest, no smoking (you have bronchitis, remember) and watch a crappy movie with your dogs.



Well, I don't know about Carol...but I sure cried!!! Nicole, all your pictures and videos are simply wonderful...thank you for doing so much to promote Saints as well as taking in so many needy animals into your own home.

I loved the song for the 2008 video...can you share the title and artist? Thanks!!


talk about making carol cry, especially the one from 2007, that had me in tears. i think the music is also what did it. nice to see them again. thanks from me.


What is Lahani's story anyway, is he the retired RCMP horse? Thanks Nicole for that, beautiful! It made me cry too but didn't stop me from watching it over and over! I love the pic of carol hugging Ellie, and of Copper in his Daisy running to Carol? for a pet and of him smiling. So many good shots!! I loved seeing Dex,Tally,Jazz,Michael, Wilbur and so many others again. Well done. I will try to email you Coppers pics Nicole, I have them on disk now.


thank you nicole, it was the best birthday present...seeing them all again made me cry...such truly wonderful animals.


Never mind, she just came out of my daughters room with a sock...crazy puppy!



They are not loading for me..What am I doing wrong?

Este says happy birthday Carol, She was good today hasen't eaten anything that I know of yet....



What wonderful videos! I got to see Oka, Albus, Aladdin, Red, and so many others again. Part of me wanted to cry but I ended up smilin' big!!!

You know, I think that Lahani's story should be told too. An animal who served the public retires and is forgotten - until he comes to SAINTS. It is important and may touch even those who don't care to have their own furry family members. Just a thought.