Rescue Journal

i am just posting like crazy tonight...i must have alot on my chest (besides my cold)

Carol  ·  May 2, 2009

timmy has discovered the one really true lack at bed is just not big enough. he did manage to sort of find a spot...but that was half on the bed, and half on me and the crate next to the bed.

poor lucy fell off the bed twice last night.

lets see, who was on there?...a good portion of timmy, al, lucy, joey, peluchie, suzie, chica, 4lane, caspar, angel and butch ...was that all of them? i think so..lexi, tony, and jesse had the dog beds and les and daphne slept on the blanket box at the end of my bed.
maybe the next family surrender i take, i should make come with a king sized bed.

ok so i am getting the message here with poor lucy's 2 drops to the floor...i really need to make bed shopping a priority as soon as my income tax refund comes in.

i just want to say...that lucy is the most amazingly sweet dog in the world...and she really, really likes the bed. it is a tiny bit of an issue (besides her falling off) because she leaks tiny little drops of urine so i try to keep a towel or a pad under her, but it doesn't always work....especially if she is determinedly moving up the bed as a inch of space opens here and there to get as close to me as she can.

i find it hard to believe how they can all somehow manage to be touching me somewhere..the saints suction cup ranks are growing but our bed is reference to the previous post....forget the "substantial" donation...i might be bought for just a bigger bed that could hold a couple of more.



Finger is sore, and ofF to see the Doc in a bit... however I cannot get the image of that poor Squirrel out of my head & had bad dreams all night


Hey Mo, How is your finger! Did you see the Doctor! I saw sMarty pants and he is very cute!! Would we beat up my shy girly cat? or pick on Trev?

Jane Stanley immediate reaction to this post was to order two large Kuranda beds. Maybe this will take some of them off your bed....and YOU can get some sleep.

Cheryl Stef

We also have a dribbler/leaker that sleeps on our bed and the poor guy is so embarrassed because this has just started happening. We have put another comforter over our comforter and remove it every day or two and wash much easier then having to wash my down guilt every day and so far nothing is leaking thru to us...whew happy dog happy owner

after you get a king size bed you know more of the crew will be sleeping with you...


".forget the “substantial” donation…i might be bought for just a bigger bed that could hold a couple of more. "



Nicole, did you get the pics I sent of Copper? and when is the next fundraiser?