Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 2, 2009

spritely took an apple from me this morning...a little hesitant but she took it.

timmy the brit is a very great dog...he has fit saints like a glove and is a real sweetheart.

boston butch is doing great too if you didn't see his cantalope growth on his face and neck last week, you sure wouldn't believe me if i told you.

good day...quiet afternoon...i am finally doing a bit of my laundry and laying around with the bedroom crew.

my favorite quote of the week...

i wanted mo to look at someone who was doing something cute.

mo said something to the effect of...

"there is too much cuteness around here to catch everything but there is something cute going on everywhere that you happen to look."



It just sounds wonderful and positive - Spritely getting back to normal and everyone settling right in. Yah!!!!