Rescue Journal

to all animal surrenderers or people who have re-homed and then had those animals surrendered here by their next, or next or next home

Carol  ·  May 2, 2009

i took on the animals here because i wanted to help them, be there for them thru thick and thin...but i am really sorry..i did not and will not make that same commitment to the families that brought them here or the ones from 3 homes ago.
understand this clearly...each and every animal here...i absolutely and truly love. i will do my very best for them always. as soon as they walk in my door, they become my full responsibility.

i make this clear at all surrenders...please hear me when i say "as soon as you sign here...this animal no longer belongs to you." and if you gave that animal away five years ago to someone else...the same is still true.
i mean it...any past connection is broken as they learn to live without you and strive to find happiness here until when/if i can find them their forever home...and don't be berating me like one lady did because she wanted her cat to live here for the rest of her life, not to find a perfect home.
at some point for whatever made the decision not to keep them, not to be responsible for their life and wellbeing anymore.

you really and truly did please try to find some way to live with that decision that is not another burden for me...and find some way to just let them go.
thank you.



Unfortunately I think this way of lying to oneself to make one feel better about giving away a "pet" will always exist. I gave George to so-and-so down the road from someone and they will give him a great forever home. Then they find out otherwise - that 3 months after they gave George to that perfect new home, things weren't so perfect and George was on the outs again. And so the story goes, to be repeated somewhere daily in a culture and society which doesn't necessarily value the furry family members as much as they should. Then the former, former, etc. owner starts to feel guilty and wants to "make things right." Easing their pain has nothing to do with providing a good, proper, loving, forever home - only with easing their own anguish.