Rescue Journal

crises day

Carol  ·  May 4, 2009

asia crashed this morning..the vet has come and helped asia pass peacefully away at home.

tony has crashed...looks like either meningitis or malignant hyperthermic syndrome (it has to do with a recessive gene and a body reaction to exercise)...the prognosis for both is very poor. he has had narcotics for the pain and spasms, and we will try homeopathy for the next couple of hours, hoping for a miracle to reduce his fever and unlock his total body spasm. the vet will be back in a couple of hours and i will have to decide then where to go.

boo is still quite ill...the vet gave her fluids and we will see if the abx's can kick in before she crashes too.

sparkles is on colic watch again.

and mo was badly bitten by an injured squirrel did go to the clinic right mo???
it has not been a great past 24 hours.



i can feel a plum sized spinal mass now just above his shoulder area...a ruptured disc???
god tony, you are killing me.


the vet has come and gone...while tony still cannot move at all...not even lift his head. he is more comfortable. laura just hand fed him a can of AD which he took easily. i have another dose of pain med for him if he needs it during the night and several different homeopathic remedies to try. we will wait to make a decision until tomorrow morning, the vet will be back at 9 am.


hope tony and others will be alright!! mo hope you are ok, at least you tried to help the squirrel! i would have had bad dreams too!