Rescue Journal

tony is uncomfortable this morning

Carol  ·  May 5, 2009

i just gave him some tramadol but i had a bit of trouble getting him to take it all so he only got 2/3rd's of the dose. i will try again in a little while when that has had a chance to work.the last email said the vet would be here around 8 am. i think this is it...whatever it is that has struck tony down..tumour, disc, whatever...even with a miracle..tony is just too old and wrecked to put thru the weeks of painful recovery. he is not meant to patiently wait for anything...tony does not like to wait.

i don't know much of his story...he was rescued up north somewhere...janet told me when he came in, he was emaciated and missing most of his hair. all i know is that he used to have a hard life and now tony likes it here...he likes being a dolt and running around like some kind of freak. he likes being grumpy and having a hate on for 4lane...snarling and lifting his lip and looking scary and dangerous and then turning it off like a switch when something more interesting (like me) crosses his line of vision. he really enjoys chasing that stupid puppy kiwi cuz he is absolutely convinced, she is his personal, motorized squeaky toy put solely here for him to retrieve.

he likes anything and everything that i could possibly think of to eat. and he likes to somehow get his stiff, unbending body, onto my lap, onto my bed...into the heart of me. tony is not a passive participant in life, tony sees what he wants, ignores the barriers and goes and gets it...unless there is a gate between him and me. then he just barks in his high pitched, glass shattering wail until whatever he wants comes back to get him.

spoiled rotten, demanding to no end...absolutely convinced that he is the sole needer, needing whatever it is that he wants immediately. he doesn't take no for an answer, he doesn't just patiently wait..if he wants to run down that hill in high speed (and fall ass over tea kettle halfway down) be it...get the hell out of his way.

and where did that dog learn such loyalty to a human being (and yes.. to himself too?)

where did he learn that an ancient, stiff and totally wrecked body could be made to get you all of the things that you want if you just had the spirit and determination to make it go after the things that you need?

tony is without a doubt, one of the most stubborn, pig headed, self actualizing, life living fiends i have ever met....he doesn't take shit from nobody...i touch him wrong even today and he will find a way to bite me, tell him to move or shut the hell up or leave 4lane alone and he will tell you to 'F' off and get the hell out of his way, tell him he cannot climb up on your lap and he will say, "yes i can" and do it...and his really annoying famous continuous words..."get back here stupid human, you left me behind and i will keep reminding you til you get here."

and he tells you every single minute of every single day.."i love you, i need you...i am wanting something so give it to me immediately."

ahhh tony, i am so very sorry...but i don't think i can get you back up onto your feet.