Animal Updates

asia, tony and butch

Nicole  ·  May 6, 2009






yes, yes, i'm off for a few days next week and i will post a new album as well as hopefully get everyones pages finished.


Thanks for posting the pics Nicole.. you know how much I love it .. seeing them this morning was comforting because I know how much fun they had while hanging with us at SAINTS .

Isn't it time for a new Photo Gallery input... : -)

Vi Morse

Hi Carol,
So sorry to hear you lost three animals at once. It is so hard on the emotions. You gave them the best last days and they are now waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. They are now out of pain and are happy and healthy where they are. How is Spritely?
Take care of yourself as you have so many animals that need you and love you. You are indeed an angel. Vi

Beverley Wristen

Three beautiful angels who have been called by God so that their pain would be no more. They had a wonderful life with you at Saints and they will never forget you Carol and they will all be waiting to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you all very much. Frank&Beverley