Rescue Journal

butch has died

Carol  ·  May 6, 2009

he passed away in his sleep as i was loading tony's body into the van.




Nothing to say at this point to ease your sadness and pain...RIP little SAINTS...I am so sorry for you all it went down like this. Glad you let yourself drive and breath Carol and please take care of yourself.


F.... today sucks! Butch wasn't with us long, but during his time he burrowed his way into our hearts. I'm glad you came to us and were able to have lots of fun and love. Will miss you Butch


so sorry for your losses today. run free butch and tony.
take care carol.


Crap what a shitty day! I am so sorry Carol Rest in Peace Butch and Tony, you will both be missed.

Chris T

I am so sorry for your losses Carol. This has been a hard time. Take care.


I repeat myself with .. I am so sorry carol , my heart feels very sad right now & I have tears blurring my vision . SAINTS is my happy place & gives me so much, I always say to people who don't feel fullfilled in their life or they feel they are just exhisting that they need to go out & do something that feeds their soul... this is what SAINTS has given me & the little bit that I do out there often doesn't feel like enough. The sad times are tough but love truly does conquer all.

I will remember Butch & Tony always as playing in the fields and pond & Butch trucking through the mud making his snorting sounds with Tony not far behind curious about the strange little dog & the noises coming from him . Right now they are making their way to meet the others @ the Rainbow Bridge & I expect Dexter & Tony will be the best of pals.

No more stiffness & upset tummies , just alot of running around & barking up a storm . I will spend some time in the memorial garden this weekend remebering them & will hold them in my heart & thoughts forever