Rescue Journal

murder...she thought.

Carol  ·  May 7, 2009

the vet came to remove gilbert's cast today. we took him into the barn cuz we needed electricity for the saw. we sedated him and he went down in the sheep area...right outside of ellie's stall where she was being lazy.

she jumped to her feet and turned herself around so she could stare at me with one really wide eyed look. she started to tremble and shake and turned all pink and started hyperventilating... it occurred to me that she thought she just witnessed gilbert's murder.

we fed her watermelon and strawberries til the vet was finished and we could reposition gilbert away from her gate...i am now kind of getting worried about porcine stress syndrome which is why i was stuffing her face.

this is how stressed out she was...a strawberry fell at her feet and she would not even pick it up..OMG ellie, you are really freaked!!!

anyway, once we could get the gate open, we let her out of the barn..i saw her over conversing with carl and telling him everything that she saw.

carl watched us very suspiciously as we walked over to the other barn to have a look at spot. he lost interest when we were done and spot barged out of the door.

it took a long time for gilbert to come out of his sedation and he is still not 100% great on that casted leg. so i put him back in his pen for a few more days til he forgets that leg is weak.

i am not sure if ellie is aware that gilbert is alive and well in his bedtime she had a good look around, including in petunia's stall in case his murdered body was now stashed in there.

who'd have thought that pigs have overactive imaginations????

not me.



Ahhhh, cats. Thanks Emma, my mental picture is complete : ) and having had my own owl-eyed cats watching a pal get a nail clipping or ear cleaning, I know exactly what yours looked like. Thanks again.


Jenny Two, Nudge and Toad are my cats Karen! They are not on the Saints website. Actually Nudge and Jenny are in the Happy Tails section from a couple of years ago. Let me know if you still need photos to imagine the "owl impression"!


Poor piggy; must have brought back the horrible memory of when she saw a horse get shot by the renderers' at her previous "home. She was depressed for weeks and was not at all her chatty noisy self. Can't believe they did that to her still.


I couldn't find pictures of Jenny Two, Nudge or Toad and I'd like to know what kind of animals they are. My mental picture of the 'owl impression' would be better with the right faces.


that is too funny, poor Ellie, poor Carol. You can tell she is very aware of her suroundings.


When I am pinning Jenny Two down to give her fluids, Nudge and Toad appear from nowhere because she is causing such a scene and making a racket that they think I am killing her!!! They both are right there with their ears back and eyes bugging out (doing an owl impression I call it). I wouldn't ming except I'm the one who is at risk of been bitten and severe lacerations!!

Jane Stanley

Thanks for my night-time giggle, Carol. I hope that you have better days ahead.
The two dog beds are on their way.

Audrey Smith

Carol, you are so gifted. Should have been an author, you'd have made millions! I so look forward to reading your blog everyday. It's usually good for a giggle or two. Wonderful work you are doing.


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