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pacific palisades fundraiser article and shelter challenge reminder

Nicole  ·  May 7, 2009

SAINTS is published in Dogs in Canada.

Jane Mundy attended the Pacific Palisades fundraiser that was held in February this year and wrote a lovely article about the evening for Dogs in Canada.
(I've got to stop telling people Sandy's a giant chihuahua mix or was that you Carol. She may look like it but don't know if that would be physically possible.)

edited to add:
a friendly reminder to vote everyday for SAINTS in Petfinder's Shelter Challenge. We are currently # 1 in BC, # 2 in Canada (we need to stay there to get the grant) and #50 in North America (pretty good i think).

If you haven't visited the site yet, here are the instruction on how to vote for SAINTS:
So please forward this info to all your friends and family and ask them to vote daily.
go to the webpage, along the right side of the page are little purple tabs - the fourth one down is called ’shelter challenge’ - click on it.
brings you to the challenge page - scroll down
Select CAN
then select BC
type in s.a.i.n.t.s (no period after the last s).
then click search
then saints’ name will show - click vote
and repeat everything the next day - eventually you will be a pro as the contest continues for a while!