Rescue Journal

the day after

Carol  ·  May 7, 2009

the vet is coming today to re-check gilbert (maybe he can get his cast off!) spot (she is still painfully slow) sparkles, and spritely. gideon is developing some arthritic symptoms again in his hip and lower spine (he is 34 years old!)

les is feeling a bit low since yesterday..nothing specific..just blah...if he doesn't perk up today, i will get him in to the vet.

boo is finally eating again on her own, but she is still quite lethargic.

tiko and tasha have made the adjustment into the house and are i think quite a bit happier. tiko is a real character...he is into everything hi-ya, dontcha just love me?

i have to do a blood sugar curve on apollo...i hate trying to get blood out of that cat...i poke, he doesn't is just freaking upsetting for us both.

will and grace (the "exotic" kittens i bought on the side of the road cuz they looked pathetic and i am weak) are here with their sister lucy the bug eyed dog something for a couple of weeks while their family is away. lucy is doing ok, will and grace are a bit upset, they thought they blew off this popscicle stand. i have them over in a pen in the mp room...i might have to move them back to the house so they actually remember where they are.

and life goes on even after really terrible feels quite empty in the FeLV pen and in my bedroom.


Beverly- Mal Rescue

gluc curve: try using the inside of the lip Carol..bleeds well usually


I feel blue and have that empty feeling too. The crew need a pick me up as well. I think I will come up tonight and watch the hockey game with my Saints friends...and we can all chow down on pizza!!