Rescue Journal

how would you like to wake up at 4 am...

Carol  ·  May 9, 2009

with an idiot cow moo'ing thru the window 4 inches above your head? WTF!!!!

the dogs go bezerke, the idiot cow goes bezerker and starts charging up and down the dog yard, ALONG the dog room floor to ceiling windows.

sorry, but fuck!

he must have been in there awhile cuz i was in the middle of this gawd awful nightmare of both spot and jeanette down in the dog yard dying and waiting for the vet and late for work with no one at work answering the gawd damn freaking phone!

rushing out into the relatively narrow dog yard (it is relatively narrow with a giant thundering cow), in the misty semi darkness with my slippers and pj's on and an idiot thundering cow with a ton of bezerking dogs all throwing themselves against the without a doubt the stupidest and bravest thing that i have ever done.

so percy is back in the riding ring...and i will put a lock on that gate as soon as my heart rate goes down...and since i am wide awake so early, i guess i won't be late for work.



It's a good thing you love that silly steer. How long before you decide to put your bed out in the barn so that Percy and Ellie don't have to sleep alone?


i would have loved to see that - one more reason to have cameras installed on saints' property.


Definitely time for a bigger bed. It would seem that Percy wants to join the crew that sleeps on your bed!