Rescue Journal

les did not make it home.

Carol  ·  May 9, 2009

by the time i got to the clinic he was crashing, we let him go.

rest in peace little wrecked dog..when i first saw you, i said i didn't think i could love you because you looked like a sparsely fuzzed up, pink, swollen, blowfish but you made sure that i did fall in love. you knew that looks meant nothing about the real dog hidden inside. you were a very great and lovely dog and deserved much better than life ever gave you. i am so sorry we didn't have a little more time.



Les, I remember your first night at Saints. My thought was OMG....then I got a look into your were a special little guy. It was so fun to see you go on the pond walks. I especially enjoyed our private garden time...may you be free and leaving your mark all over a bigger garden.


again, i am sorry carol. kind of useless words arent they but they let you know people are thinking about you and your animals i am so sorry les you were a totally sweet little dog wish life could have given you more.