Rescue Journal

and so it is....

Carol  ·  May 10, 2009

these guys come here to die..or to find a new home...whatever comes first. sometimes they don't have much time like tony, and butch and les.

sometimes they have years and years like bill and endora and boo and copper and cole.

you just never know.

death and adoptions have their own kind of time line...five years that sweet beaver waited to find his own years for bill to die in this last home he ever would know. these are the things over which we simply do not have much control.

but what we can control is how they live each they feel inside of they feel important and special? do they feel loved? do they feel like they have some kind of real identity? do they have purpose and value like to teach us something that maybe we didn't know?

when death hits us over and over again in a relatively short period...we all get sore and tired and we never get used to it..we just feel another hard blow. i do think we become more accepting of the lack of control that we ultimately have. death is coming if death is determined and there is not much that we can do about least not for very long.
i think that when we outplay death a few times we have done with spritely...that we almost expect we can win a lot more than we ever can.

but in the end...les and tony and butch and dexter and bill and clyde and wee hopeful bug and asia and betsy...they came here to die...that was the real ending to all of their stories and it will be the ending of many, many more.

and this is the one and only reason that i can truly and fully love the clyde's and the phoebe's in addition to the easier ones and why they don't bug me over and over til i cannot stand them anymore...i know that at some point, i may be holding them in my arms when they finally go.

and i don't want them to ever feel that my love and caring was not real, that it was a lie. so i make myself find the goodness and the the things i can love forever in every single one.

i will do this for my family. i will do this for my friends. i will do this for the animals who i promised i would always be there for....can't say i will do it for anyone else, but i will do it for them.

so my point is this....we can commit to loving and caring...we can make it be real, we make it an act of will...if we want. or we can make it dependent on other things like...their being nice, or pretty or grateful or easy or convenient or making us feel important ourselves.

animals lose their homes, and they come here to end their lives for one reason only...someone did not care enough about them to keep them happy and safe and loved, no matter what.

saints welcomes marshmellow...a beautiful 10 year old white persian whose family was moving...he has been to the vet, he has been shaved to the bone, he is probably a chronic herpes carrier, and this worries me a bit and he will require at least two very expensive surgeries to repair his vision. he is a very sweet and gentle cat.



well i love you all day and all night long...but no extra voting vote per day per person...that's the rule (different rules than on idol where you can vote as many times as you want) and always listen to your mom(that's another good rule.)

and great save on the profound thing.


I should have said ... you are very profound, CONSIDERING it is 5 in the morning.

Good news on the pet finders pet challenge S.A.I.N.T.S is now #1 in Canada and #42 in N.A. and for some reason for the last four days it has been letting me vote like 4 times a day (from the same computer) ... I think others should try doing this. I vote in the morning, afternoon, evening and before bed ... itsn't there a song about that? "I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love in the evening and underneath the moon ... I love you"


Jenny Two Sproule spent the afternoon having tea with Peggy Sproule. I went to pick her up in Burnaby and bought her here for a Mothers Day treat with her ex cat. Jenny Two bit her several times...........................
That was her Mothers Day gift to Peggy. I don't think she has ever forgiven her for the declawing! Anyway Carol, Happy Mothers Day from Nudge and Co


lol jenn..i am very profound at all times of the day,(except when you make me go shopping for dress up clothes, then i just am a big baby.) thx for the H.M.D wishes again....
mothers day is for celebrating your kids..i celebrate mine every day!


Gabriele, would you be able to email me some pics of Beaver in his new home so I can post them for everyone to see. you can email them to


Oh where oh where has my little Copper been? I was up at Saints the last couple of w/e after the plant sale and missed my little friend. I am glad he is getting a break and is probably getting spoiled with Lynne. Carrie, look in your desk! the paper towels, bleach and food is from Moneca and Julie. Someone donated it! And please look at the volunteer board as we need people to help for a couple of hours picking up recycling etc...Saints gets paid $500 for this and if we have lots of people it will be quick.


Once again I am so sorry Carol. Way to many to say Good Bye to in such a short period of time. Rest in Peace Les, you will be missed.


Happy Mother's Day everyone!! I consider us all mom's as I consider Trev my baby and I know everyone on this site feels the same way about their animals! At least they had Saints to end their lives....a place where they are accepted and loved and cherished no matter what and no matter how difficult.
I just wanted to mention I was at the plant sale one day last w/e and one day this w/e and want to let everyone know how hard these ladies work!!!They have moved tons of plants from their front yard/back to the sidewalk each sat/sun (they are heavy!!and lots of trips) they have stood out there selling and getting Saints know for hours, they have looked after the plants, made arragements for transport and looked after the money! I know they had a lot of support too but I would like to THANK MONECA AND JULIE for all they have done! Someone sent Saints some ANGELS. Happy Birhtday (belated) Julie!


Carol, Beaver sends you his love and thank you for "mothering" him for the first 5 years of his life. He is the "king" in his castle and loves his life with us. We can't imagine him not being part of our life and still marvel why nobody picked up this prince for 5 years - but I think we were meant to be!
Happy Mother's Day,



Welcome Marshmellow! In time you will realize how lucky you really are - you landed at SAINTS!!!! Carol will love you like no one else has.


as i have said before , i have seen dogs on my mail walk that wold think saints was heaven on earth. we only need about 200 carols there for them to all have their own individual special person. lol that being said, saints is a great home to end there life at, they have all the creature comforts and carol does a great job at sharing herself around. it would be niceif they could all find their forever home but we know this is not going to happen. and as they keep leaving saints there is always someone thereto snatch their place. it is a shame that carol loves these peoples animals more than they do but thank god she does, i shudder to think what would happen to them