Rescue Journal

well another day is almost done

Carol  ·  May 10, 2009

and i did a big ooops. thank goodness laura and lana came up tonight to run their dogs in the fields. they heard a commotion in the barn...bad carol..i forgot to lock ellies's stall....she was in with the sheep...i bet that was pissing them off.

i am trying to write this with tiko flip flopping around...he is a nightmare near a keyboard....but he is annoyingly adorable at the same time.

i just finished watching "seven pounds"...good movie and a good lesson on another great way NOT to die.

carl and edith and pete are becoming a royal pain in the butt at bedtime...they sneak down to the bottom field for some very fresh and very green grass and then i have to try to chase them back up the hill SEVERAL times to get them into the riding ring/ open barn for bed.

my chest is still not great so it just about kills me. (yes this would be a not fun way to die too)

but the good news is..lyle our favorite big machinery guy is coming to take a look tomorrow at the muddy area around the pond. this was where jeanette got into trouble last year and i am not risking the same sinking ancient cow disaster for spot.

once that area is fixed...they can ALL go down there and eat up the very nice grass while i re-grow the upper field again for them.

the bed buddies are somewhat disappointed that i have yet to put in a different movie for them to suction cup up to me to watch, so that is next on my list tonight.

except to remind everyone, cuz i know there are a few more out vote per are a bad influence on my daughter (who really should not be reading the blog because it will remove all of my carefully crafted motherly illusions about the lack of insanity in what i do... but that's a different rule)



oh ya, MOM very important! Make sure to renew your car insurance!!!!! I will phone you every hour on the hour to remind you if I have to.

Good call Chris!

Chris T

It seems as though you have taught Jennifer well Carol and she is now making the rules!! LOL

Don't forget about renewing your car insurance.


Whatever ... mom ... you're not the boss of me, lol.
I, am not voting four times a day, I am only voting once ... and then I vote once for DAD, once for Daisy, and once for Smarties. I am not a cheat, just very helpful! Not to mention I should probably vote once for Jiv, and once for Lindsey, since she seems to be having trouble voting.

And here is a rule for you: Don't do anything that causes you chest pain!

Love you!