Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 11, 2009

is a very good goat..he also is a VERY BIG BABY.

lyle came to look at the muddy area around the pond and we planned out the mode of attack for to build a solid cow weight base...which rock, gravel and sand materials to use, when to do it, where to put the barn animals so the delivery trucks can get thru.

after we were done, we took glibert for his tour thru the upper areas. he met edith (hah! she has met her match and finally retreated in edith style high speed which is luckily faster than the crippled goat with a recently broken leg) he met percy but percy was mostly distracted with tasting lyle in various ways. and he almost met the sheep but they changed their minds when they saw how it went between him and edith.

i was going to leave him there for awhile but he looked tired and i wasn't happy with the angle of his leg down by his foot so i brought him back to the back yard with us and left the gate open to his pen.

now...everyone who has visited here has heard gilbert talking to us. he has a very soft and consistent questioning tone of voice.

except for today. he did not want to be left alone in the back yard, he wanted me to stay with him. so while he toddled around checking everything out, he bawled his freaking head off. gilbert can be VERY LOUD. renee came to see what was wrong with him, i went to see him to check...absolutely nothing is wrong and he is not unduly upset. his pen is open so he can wander in and out...but gilbert that spoiled rotten demanding goat wants someone to hang out with him while he wanders around.

good luck buddy on that one...i gotta go to work and renee and angelina are busy working too.



Did you ask the vet about the angle of Gil's leg when you got the cast off? becuase even when the cast was on the angle looked bad.