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Nicole  ·  May 11, 2009

Zoe and I will be representing SAINTS at booth shared with the wonderful Nancy from Barking Babies who donated a table to us at a Pet Fashion week event on May 31, 2009 at The Roundhouse Centre, Yaletown from noon to 6:00pm
Designer dressed dogs will strut their stuff on the ‘cat’ walk in designer gear and the best dressed dog of the day will be judged on site. This will be followed by the announcement of the MAKE-US-SMILE Pet Photo Competition within the following categories:
Best Dressed • Pets at Play • Take your pet to work day
These prizes will include an extra-large personal portrait painted by artist Kris Robinson (value $1900) as well as pet products from Royal Canin, Barking Babies, Chloe’s Canine and many more.
MAKE-US SMILE Pet Photo Competition
Send them your favourite pet photographs and the required information to win terrific pet prizes — Judging will be based on the photograph’s ability to make the panel of judge’s smile. Results and prizes will be presented to the winners at the charity based event.
Send Submission to: Devine Style Inc.
1500-885 West Georgia St. Vancouver BC. V6C 3E8
OR via email to:
Required information and photo submissions: Please print or type all information clearly per card or email.
Pet Photographs: Via mail - 2 colour photos no smaller than 6x8 inches or via email – 2 colour photos in jpeg format within the category of your choice (only one category can be selected per pet).
Category select: Best dressed or, pets at play or, take your pet to work day.
Pet Info: name – breed (if known) – age (approx) –photo caption
Owner info: name, address, email and telephone numbers (day &eve).
All Prizes will be announced within the Spring 2009 publication.
Entry fees are minimal and further donations are welcomed (please address cheque or postal order to Devine Style Inc.)
Entry fee: $20 per (category of your choice or, you can submit for all three categories). Entry fee will assist with administration/postage fees/donations. Further donations will help raise funds to benefit city animal shelters.
Barking Babies is a drop off location for competition entries & pet photos. There is no entry fee applicable if you drop off at Barking Babies only a donation to Saints instead of an entry fee.



If I could find an extra small head band with devil horns on it they would be on Jenny Two without a doubt. I'll have to check the dollar store. Nudge would tolerate being dressed up and I think that I could probably put a tutu on Toad (he's in touch with his feminine side!) . My camera is poised.............


the pet photo competition is for any pet, but i believe the 'fashion show' is dogs only as i don't know what cat would permit being dressed up.
Zoe and i will be there from noon-6pm, woohoo!


are you planning on buying a new outfit for jenny two?
(can i PLEASE see the video of you trying to dress her up??)