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bed shopping blues

Carol  ·  May 12, 2009

my back was SORE this morning (it is fine now that i have been moving around all day) so i finally went looking for a bed. and i went to my favorite place to shop for big things like washers and dryers and new is local, they know me and know why i need what i do.

so first decision...what size of bed...queen or king???? the king they have is not as comfortable and the queen i like is VERY comfortable (it is a sealy, hotel line model) the price is about the same but they don't have the queen in king cuz it is a sell out sale on beds (i think they are not going to do beds anymore)

i do not know...i want the extra space but i really want the comfort too.

next comes how to stop the varied leaky buggers from wrecking my new bed like they did the last one (which is only 4 years old) problemo..they also carry these special mattress and box spring and pillow waterproof, bedbug proof encasers...not that bedbugs are a problem, bed-hogging dogs bugging me while i try to sleep are the real issue...but the moisture barriers are kind of neat.

except they are bloody expensive...around $600 all total which is like half a new bed cost.

and do i REALLY want to spend $1800 on a new bed, and stuff to actually protect the new bed?...i would rather put it down on my ballooning credit card bill.

what to do, what to do????

if i got rid of all of the freaking bed seeking dogs, i could just buy a new DOUBLE bed again and skip all the fancy protector things...much cheaper dontcha think????

anyway, apparently this is not an

i did talk them into delivering the new bed, breaking down the old one and hauling it away...putting the bloody expensive and difficult to manipulate bed protecters things on both the mattress and the now all i have to do is actually fully commit to this and go pay for the freaking thing.

waaaaa! i don't know that i can!!!!! my income tax refund came back today, so if i am ever going to do it...i better now do it....if i actually can.



I love the fact that everyone is voting for a king... however my Crystal ball can see the added extra space taken up by... oh my what's that 4 more dogs & a cat...


car insurance. is your bedroom big enough for a king? we could just have wall to wall bed and less mopping of the floors to do. im for that.


Liquidation World and Price Matters both sell furniture. There were some lovely beds at LW last weekend.

Don't forget to pay your car insurance. :)


Considering most people spend like a 1/3 of their life in bed (I know you spend much less) it is WELL worth it!!!

A THIRD of your life! Its a no brainer.

Love you!


Maynards is selling off the contents of the Four Seasons Hotel, which they are renovating. They’re selling one floor of the hotel each week. They're selling King size mattresses (that were brand-new last year) for $100. We bought one and they’re in great condition.
I'm not sure how many they have left, but it's worth a check.

Chris T

Get the king...

And while you go and pay for it don't forget about your car insurance!


I'd take the KING bed...I have problems with the two I have...I don't know how you manage to get sleep with as many as you have on your bed.
KING,KING,KING and all the protection too!
see you soon carol, we leave tomorrow Early Eraly morning...we may drive right straight through to mission...wait and see how the drive goes


If you are looking for a bed try Lougheed Auctions in Maple Ridge every Wednesday evening. They have new King and Queen Sears beds that go for next to nothing. A queen goes for about $100-$150 and King about $200. Just an idea.


Go for it Carol. even four or five cats is hard to manage in a double bed. And you need to be properly rested. You have a hell of a lot depending on you. You function well everything else functions well.