Rescue Journal

it is so good to see boo finally up and about again

Carol  ·  May 12, 2009

i thought we were going to lose her too. she is still a bit weak and a tiny bit wobbly and she needs to gain back a bunch of weight but boo is a very tough cat. she has been here tormenting me since early 2005...she is the very last of the original plague cats and the only one who was not incredibly nice. boo is 16 this year and she is much nicer than she used to be...once she is a bit spikey again, i will know she has make a full recovery.

love ya a hag.

angelina stayed late yesterday and laura came up til i got home...there was a thunder storm. some of the saints (who still can hear) do not do well with thunder at all. i get worried about wrecked walls and chewed thru wire and dogs getting stressed and starting a fight...but we were safe because angelina and laura made sure.

my problem is because i was working in maple ridge which did not have any thunder going on...i don't know when thunder hits mission so i would like to create a thunder watch team. i actually lost lexi 4 years ago during a thunder storm that i did not know was happening. when i walked into the old place, i thought a bear had broken in...there was that much damage. in final desperation, lexi went thru a window, jumped 8 feet to the ground and disappeared into the bush....i was frantic looking for her...i never did find her...she came back on her own but it scared the crap right out of me. another time here at the new place, she ate thru the thick dog wire on the kitchen her panic, she cut her mouth to ribbons.
maude and cole have eaten thru walls, right to the outside studs. cole is so profoundly deaf now, i don't think he hears thunder anymore and for that i am really grateful. some of the newer guys...i just don't know how they react because so far they haven't been alone during a storm. but i know how quickly fear escalates and spreads so it is always a really big worry for me.

animals in full panic find some way to get hurt or hurt someone else while out of their minds with fear.

so if you would like to be on the saints thunder watch team, and you live close enough to get here quickly...please let me know and we will develop a plan to make sure saints is covered in a thundering emergency. they just need someone with them, wandering around and all tv's and radios on real loud to keep a lid on the panic they feel.

anyway, please let me know.





You can call me also if needed. I only live 5 minutes away. Ginger didn't seem to mind the thunder, she is a tough old lady (and delicate at 6.5 pounds). Sam on the other hand really didn't like it. For a young big dude (15 pounds) he can be a bit sensitive. That might explain why Ginger always puts the run on him.


i am not too far away either someone let me know and i can be up there too.i know that my dogs are also afraid of the thunder and lightning. i sure do not mind being o n the thunder watch.


For sure sign us up to the Saints thunder watch team. You or the staff can call anytime and we will be there to hang with the crew. Our gang seems ok. Murphy is such a cool dude, Buca gets kinda scared but then sees that Murph Man doesn't care so it calms him and Lady. Thankful for that because our last dog Chance ate many holes through the drywall which have just been repaired since her passing in Feb.


Very very happy to hear Boo is on the mend. She is one tough Kitty ... way to go Boo !!


There was a small roll of thunder in MR around 5 o'clock & Roxie was a mess... I'm pretty sure she feels the pressure in the air change & that gets her panting & pacing ... for some reason it seems to be getter worse as she gets older . The barn guys can often get all freaked out as well ... I will be on the watch & willing to boot out there if needed... if I hurry I can manage to get there in 23 minutes ( I've timed myself ) ... as long as i don't get pulled over for speeding