Rescue Journal

the kitchen rat pack

Carol  ·  May 12, 2009

the rat pack at saints consists of suzie (who'd have guessed?), chica, squirt and kiwi (when she is here)...jewel tries to be a rat pack member but her size defeats the purpose, she is not quick and agile enough altho she would make a good submarine. joey and peluchie and caspar join the rat pack when it enters the bedroom domaine...but that is just at night time...during the daytime, the kitchen crew rats reign.
the rat pack is totally spoiled, powerful in fulfilling their needs, and completely on board in their united goal to be smack in the center of everything....(and creating as much chaos as possible because...chaos is fun.)

i think niko is afraid of the rat pack, he sure leaves them alone when i am bringing them thru his room. lexi however i have to hold by the collar, close to me and tell niko to leave her the hell alone (he is a tiny bit afraid of me too when i am keeping lexi safe.) so lexi is definitely not part of the rat pack, at least in niko's head.

in lexi's mind, she is not rat pack material either because the rat pack wants to get where they are going first and try to anticipate me.... (sometimes they anticipate themselves right into the wrong area with a gate shut suddenly between them and me...ditzy doorknobs)... lexi just wants to make sure that she can get to where ever i happen to be and coming up from behind ensures she picks the right way to go...last is fine, there is no hurry....lexi is a very smart dog. essence....the rat pack (and rat pack wanna-be's like jewel) are kind of stupid...they leap before they look, they react before they even have a clue about what is going on, they actually think that they can outsmart me by being faster than me....not likely.

but...they make me happy because they are funny as they are such speedily idiotic dolts. who knew dumb-dumb could be done in high speed?
i love watching their faces when they realize they just zipped thru the wrong god damn gate.....again.

i think they are freaking funny.


Chris T

You are mean and they will exact their revenge for your mocking of them. They will spread out on the bed and only give you a tiny bit in the middle. They will then refuse to let you leave! And, you will deserve every bit of it!

Oh, and have you done the car insurance? You know it can be done three months in advance and it expires in 2 weeks.