Animal Updates

free to good home!!!

Nicole  ·  May 13, 2009

3 less than intelligent dogs

their skills they will bring with them:

-encourage shoe shopping by destroying your shoes (2 soccer cleats, one boot, one shoe, 2 sneakers)

-great knot makers, currently only able to make knots with their leashes often with me wrapped up aswell, but with the right guidance i'm sure they could work on a boat.

-eating (currently eat a combined total of 13 cups of food per day), could be entered in a food eating contest and could get you fancy trophies to put on display. who doesn't want that!

-home decorating - a unique eye for detail, will add appropriate amounts of slobber to everything you own. like to wipe eye scubies on you just incase you thought you could leave the house looking like you don't live with 3 dogs.

-home security - great home alarm, will bark at any and all noises, even ones they don't hear.

any takers???

will trade all three for a nice quiet cat.

carol, don't even think about offering phoebe or jewel!!

off to go google new vegan dress shoes, i love my dogs, i love my dogs, i love my dogs (if i keep chanting it...)



so that is really sad but....he ain't never going to get beaten again and he knows that cuz he knows you...there is only today and tomorrow and the the day after that and a lot of potentially available shoes... maybe go to the thrift store and buy them a bunch of their own shoes to chew.
they can have their own shoe box at your place and you can have your own shoe box at zoe's.
that.s fair.


while they are feeling safer, they still aren't confident i'm not to bust out and beat them.
yesterday when shrek went and took out one of my runners to chew on I went over and took it from him and said no, when i lifted it up from his paws, he literally jumped his body back a good 2 feet and slunk down, like he was bracing for a beating. it made me very sad.

Francesca Wilson

You are wonderful Nicole, these dear dogs look so happy and obviously feel safe in their real home.


Thanks Tracey, I'll get her to try that. She put a scratching post in her bedroom and one at the back of the couch in the middle so now the cat goes to either side now to scratch. The sprays don't work either and might wreck the couch.


Great shot Nicole! It's good to see Fiona appears to have lost her camera fear. Also are your springs on the couch shot....3 heavy weights..who all look sooo cute and happy.


Ha Ha Ha me thinks these so called " less than intelligent Dogs" are in fact Menza material... Love the Pics Nicole... Hint Hint Nudge Nudge : - O


Beautiful, beautiful dogs!

Just a little tip for the furniture-scratching cat:

Take packing tape, make long loops with the sticky-side out, and tape them along the base / exposed sides of the furniture they are scratching (so they are stuck to the couch and the exposed side is also sticky). Cats HATE things stuck to their paws! This solution is cheap, easy, and works most of the time.

Good luck!


no no, most of the shoes were on a shelf, he can reach up to the third level so now everything is on the fourth from the bottom and higher, he stole my nice black ones from underneath my bed, where i thought they were safe.
Emma, I said a nice quiet cat, I've heard too much about Jenny Two to fall for that.


<p>i have a pair of vegan shoes!!!! they are reycled rubber, dyed with vegetable oil so they are somewhat edibly tasty...which is why jenn has them at her house to keep safe for me til the wedding!<br />
you should store your stuff with zoe!

what i would like to know is since apparently your dogs NEVER get off the couch (i know this cuz i have never seen a picture of them anywhere else) why do you keep leaving your shoes on the couch for them to chew??!!


That is too funny! Nicole. Then they give you that sucky, love me face and its hard to stay mad...cats scratch mom's new cat is working on couch #2.

Chris T

They are gorgeous Nicole! And after 10 years of living with a shoe chewer I am only now, tentatively, putting my shoes on the floor again!