Rescue Journal

i like easy.

Carol  ·  May 13, 2009

i find as i get older, i become far less tolerant of the corporate drives me insane at work because i believe patient care should be about individuality not universal standardization.

it is why i like saints...there is no head office saying "this is how we do what we do"

and it is why i really want to buy my bed directly from the family (not the entity) that owns the store.

do you realize how few actual family enterprizes there are any more?

we are in the age where family and business are not financially viable...we want bigger and cheaper and more convenient and greater and more varied choices in inventory. we want it all and we want it all in one store...this would be why walmart drives me many options of spending can there possibly be all in one giant place?

and when a giant takes down alot of real people with it.

it is like the death of the family generational farm whose cows and chickens and pigs actually got some sunshine and wind on their face and real grass to eat instead of being prodded with electrical shocks from artificially lighted and machine grain fed box to box from birth until slaughter house.

it is a more cost effective, universally efficient way to gave birth to "the good deal"..."get more for less"..."one stop shop" that we have been told for many actually exactly what we, the consumer wants.


why would i want to feed the corporate machine who decides that the morality of what i need is based on a price point or the streamlined, bare bones absolute ease of delivery?

this would be fine if i could negotiate individually....i would like a bed like this cost, delivered and set up in this way and with consideration and respect for the animals in my care and the work i personally do.

i would like the food on my table (if i had a table) to be treated in this particular way...i do not want them unduly upset or unhappy or afraid or not to enjoy their life before my need or want, takes it away.

try telling any of that to the corporate brain...."this does not compute with predetermined universal trends in consumer wants and needs"

or does it not compute with what we have been brainwashed to believe since TV dinners on metal trays hit our living room TV driven society with dreams of a cadillac with wings and a house in the burbs as the marker for our success in life and in our family?

and what has this to do with animals?...well... they are supposed to be just as cheap and convenient and easy to obtain and dispose of as everything else.

except..phoebe and jewel and 4lane and jesse ain't actually exactly easy in any way shape or form. diablo and apollo and spritely and angel ain't cheap either. it is not such a simple thing to get rid of suzie or tiko or animals like tony who insist on being with you.

and getting a big enough bed for al, lucy (the leaker), lucy (the visitor). peluchie, joey, caspar, daphne, 4lane, angel, suzie and chica...that i can afford, that will stay reasonably dry, that is comfortable enough for my wrecked back and big enough for all of us, and fitting it in my overcrowded room and delivered by someone who knows EXACTLY what and where they are delivering to while still supporting and ultimately promoting a local and grassroots family business....

well that is actually fairly easy and quick cuz i just have to pop down the hill and hand them my debit card and they will take care of everything for me, including stuffing those things into the protectors....and there is no huge line up at the check out counter either.



I like "beloved daughter" a hell of a lot more than "worker slave."

I work thursday and friday until 430 so I am free after that otherwise I am off sunday and tuesday. Except I am meeting with sheila at 9am on sunday and I have to get more xrays on tuesday (apparently they want more angles of the knee ... whatev.)

2 things: (1) Find that parking ticket so I can call and get the price reduced and (2) renew your insurance.

But I'll call you.

Love you!


Matus are great people to deal with. Got my gas range through them last fall. Sears wanted me to wait almost 3 months for one to be ordered (when the old range was shot) plus arrange my own delivery and gas fitter. Matus got the stove within 10 days, delivered it, took the old stove away and arranged for the gas fitter to install the new one. Now that is service.Thumbs up for our local businesses.


Well said Carol. There is a store in Mission run by Heather (70yrs old) and she is a big supporter of Saints. Moneca or Julie will know the name. It is a second hand store on Railway?. Thought I's mention it as she supports saints so we should try to support her.


THE BED is always the prize, when I was loaded up with snuggle bugs, I had a queen and a single side by side to fit everyone. I did cheat with a second hand single but no one seemed to mind.


oh hey little beloved daughter worker slave who is apparently awake..are you free later this week (thurs or fri) to help me rearrange my room to fit in the new bed?
and i will have to go shopping for linens cuz i only have double size and either queen or king is coming???