Rescue Journal

it is too bad you can't get a brain transplant as easily as a new bed.

Carol  ·  May 13, 2009

the day started pretty good...i was out of here by 8:30 to return the on-call stuff to work. i stopped at the bank and deposited my income tax cheque...dropped by my ex's and dropped off the very last of the separation settlement that i still owed him and was at Matus by 10 am.

i picked the somethings size does matter..but i couldn't get the full mattress/boxspring enclosure things (queen was the biggest they had in stock) so i took one of the fitted sheet like ones, hope it works and saved myself 300 bucks...paid for it all, arranged the delivery for tomorrow and even picked up a couple of new pillows. they threw in my first set of kingsized sheets for free...yay.

i got quite a good deal, the bed was regularly $2300 and i got it for $1199. besides being broke again, i am somewhat happy and anticipating alot more room in my new bed.

i got home a few minutes late for a tour and then things got really bad.

the animals are all is fix the mud around the pond day so the farm gates had to be open for all of the big delivery trucks to get in.

the barn guys are stuffed into the riding ring (percy is bawling his head off, the horses are antsy and lahonie is being a bully and they are not happy campers in there.)

the sheep are stuffed into the back yard and none to happy either.

gilbert was loose in the back yard too until he broke the side chain link gate (he was trying to follow me and when i shut it he rammed it instead.)

ellie was in the barn til she broke out of the that heavy metal U-shaped 2x4 locking bar, can't lock anymore.

the dogs were pretty much shut in the house and they were none too fond of this either...they peed and pooped all over in protest and got all upset cuz they never did get a field run today.

i was going to empty out as much of my bedroom as i could to make tomorrow a little bit i started with the HUGE AND OVERFLOWING baskets of my laundry and as soon as i walked into the kitchen all i could feel was a WAY TOO HIGH heat wave. hmmmm...i looked behind the dryer and the dryer hose was ripped in half.

then the phione started to ring and for once i actually answered it...good thing too cuz i had forgotten that i was meeting the SGA's (saints guardian angels)for lunch A HALF AN HOUR AGO!!!! excuse me but shit!

i rushed down....i apologised, i was totally embarrassed because i left them sitting there for so long and they said it was ok and handed me $11,000.00 for saints from the plant sale...OH MY FREAKING...GAWD!!!!! i almost started crying but i tried hard not to cuz it is not polite to cry in public.

who makes 11 grand on a plant sale??? the saints GA's apparently do. wow.

the day got drastically better from there.

except i drank 3/4's of a pale draft beer and realized as soon as i got into my car, i was probably impaired.

who can't handle a tiny bit of beer? me apparently...i suck at remembering, i suck at drinking glass of draft beer...but i do not suck at attracting a ton of very great people who are good at guarding the animals of saints.

here's to our staff and volunteers, here's to our midas touch fundraising friends...if i could risk another beer, i'd toast you are truly amazing.


Marla from South Dakota

Hello from South Dakota! I found your site from the Shelter Challenge website, and have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks. You are doing an amazing thing, and I've laughed, cried, and fretted with you several times. Our Humane Society in Pierre is a volunteer organization, and all of our dogs are in foster care, so I understand so many of the things you write about. Congratulations on the plant sale - isn't it amazing how things work now and then!?! Anyhow, I just wanted to say great work, keep it up, and enjoy that new bed! Even from several thousand miles away, we're pulling for you!


Yes!!!THANK YOU!!! I guess I owe someone 5 bucks....we were betting on the amount of the plant sale...will bring it on Sat for the garbage pickup. If anyone is available need bodies for a couple of hours of work and Saints gets 500 bucks. Its in Mission. 9am


HOLY..... You guys really are angels...11 grand for a plant sale...that's AWESOME!!
I know you all put in a lot of time and hard work. From all the Saints and those of us who love them...THANK YOU SO MUCH!


More bed, more dogs. Wanna bet you don't get an inch more space in your new bed than you did in your old bed because there will be five or six new "bed buddies"?

11 grand from a plant sale?! They aren't just angels, they are magicians! Wow! The only plant I know that makes that kind of money isn't sold in hanging baskets. Bravo!

Have you paid your car insurance?


With a bed that size you can have your human friends over for a pajama party with the Saints!

cheryl and stef

king size bed...oh my gosh you will be lost in such a big bed...the dogs will never find you....hahahaha


That must have been some kind of Plant Sale! Hey Carol, did you pay your insurance yet? I just had to chime. Hope you love your new bed!