Rescue Journal

another mystery solved

Carol  ·  May 14, 2009

why would the dryer hose rip twice in two days especially with a brand new hose installed????

oh...that would be from conan the dryer hose barbarian who apparently cannot walk across the back of the dryer without falling down.




Remember last year Carol!! you got stopped by the RCMP while you were at work and had to bench your car and pay a large fine.....Wow Lindsey, that was nice of you!


Don't let Percy know - how about don't let any of the residents of SAINTS know! And don't let Wolfie & Zeus know - goodness knows they visit frequently as it is (but I love hearing about them when they do).

Carol, did you pay the insurance?


too late lindsay but thx so much anyway...the king size was delivered today..i am actually really glad i got the king...9 dogs and me fit on it just fine and with room to spare!



I have a good queen-sized bed. It's mine. You work with my sister, so we're practically related....

It's available because we sold a place on Victoria; that bed is newer, so we'll keep it.

It's a very good one: I have the second-worst back ever (second after you) as Amanda will tell you. Above all things, I need a good bed.

You could still get those dandy covers you like. :-)

I'll deliver.


i will look into it..thx!
saints has 2 sets sam...we are ok, but thx too!


Get the flexible thick metal kind of ducting- much better than the floppy plastic. In fact in our prev condo we were told the plastic were a fire hazard & everyone had to have the flexible thick metal

Once it's duct taped on, it's pretty indestructible. AND no fires, so long as you keep the lint cleaned out!


my parents are looking to find a good home for a washer dryer set? Does saints need them?