Rescue Journal

we had another death at saints

Carol  ·  May 14, 2009

when i came into the little dog/cat room this morning...the rat was dead on the floor. don't know its name or if it had a family (deep sigh...probably)... but i do know, it wasn't supposed to be lying next to my computer chair. did it come in thru the dog door, via the cat run wire, or did it come up from the crawl space?

where ever it came from...i am not happy that it came....we do not want any interlopers moving in here so whoever murdered the little thing....hmmm...good job i suppose.

spring is here, i guess i better consider rodent population control again...i hate this....i might start with letting the orange boys down into the crawl space to clear out any squatters in there.
chica and diablo are curled up together in a softy donut bed on the second shelf next to me...chica thinks she is a cat and diablo thinks he is a dog, so i guess that is why they like to sleep together in the same bed.

speaking of new room is ready, and waiting the new arrival...i hope it doesn't totally take up all the room in there, not that it matters since no one really uses the floor all that much anyway.

i felt so horribly guilty last night...lyle worked on the pond area from 8 am til almost 9 pm... that was a brutally long day.

if anyone ever needs any bobcat or lyle...good man.... honest, hard working, reliable, affordable and he knows his craft well.

ok...i got stuff to do, like poke 4 unsuspecting diabetics.



"we had another death at Saints" Thanks for getting my heart started first thing in the're BAD!!