Rescue Journal

and...saints is...

Carol  ·  May 15, 2009

#1 in BC

#2 in canada

#41 in north america

as of this morning.

i think we can all celebrate this...yay!

our ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE BIG DEAL DAY is...the weekend of JUNE 27/28..both sat and sun. 11am-4 pm. so please plan on a visit so we can celebrate these animals lives together.

AND....we need a WORK PARTY DAY to get how about the weekend before...JUNE 20/21st 10 am- 2pm to spiff this place up???

the animals want to be proud of their home when they share it and themselves at the open house.



Darn, we will be away that weekend...and we so enjoy the open house getting to showing off our favorite place!!


don't worry about the open house for now.
i will be posting soon about it, mostly we need committed volunteers, no food.


i know i think of food a lot but what about the open house. do you want us to bring anything. i think last year we did.


i do not think 10 to 2 is long enough for a work party. we want to get a lot done. i remember the very first time i came to saints, it was a work party. boy was i lost, could not find my way around but it was a whole lot of fun. hopefully we can get lots of people to help and have a chow down too.