Rescue Journal

the new bed

Carol  ·  May 15, 2009

is big...i was able to easily adjust my position easily thru out the night despite 9 dogs sleeping with me. it is not as comfortable as my old bed...i miss that shifting memory foam topper thing. this one has memory foam built in but it is not quite the same. i had to get up at midnight and take something for back is working itself up into a real mess which the bed is not going to fix for me.

and it felt weird to not be so high up in the air..i lost the tall double maple bed frame, and the box spring is a low profile i am closer to the floor than i used to be which just feels weird.

BUT more of the dogs are able to jump up and down without using the spa stairs, so that is good for them i suppose. will take some getting used to but i think it is basically ok.

today i will be singing..."on my own...." cuz renee took the day off today. i was hoping to get to the mess out in the mp, medical, and shop areas plus do a dump run...but i might not. angelina is here but we are still down one.
just a reminder about this weekend...i am working and no laura or lana on saturday (they are doing the adopt a block for saints thing)...kathy k is on a road trip with cuddles so i THINK it is just lynne and mo here to care for the anyone else planning on coming?

my deep thought for the day.

when you truly devote a good portion of your life to something you really believe in...there is always something that still needs doing, something to worry about. you never start or finish a day without some big weight on your shoulders to carry where ever you go, whatever else you are doing. and that is long as you are ok too.

folks think i don't take care of myself (and in somethings, i don't) but on the whole i take care of me in the things that i really peace and tranquility inside me.

this place freaking sucks sometimes, the work is never ending and so is the stress, and so are the things to worry and think about.

BUT...when the animals are asleep on my very big bed, or safely content out in the fields, or gathered around for a cookie or an apple or in a home where they belong and are happily chewing on someone else's life is good.

does someone want to take phoebe, jewel, jesse, niko, james bond, diablo, webster, timmy, lucky, dusty, marty and 4lane home and make my life absolutely freaking almost perfect????



i will be fine, i can stay later all i have planned is to take my dogs out in the afternoo also i will be there on sun and mon. god it is a beautiful day everyone enjoy.


It will take time for your back to adjust to the new bed...but at least you all had lots of room!
Lynne don't panic....Lana and I can come up there after adopt-a-block(people should not litter!)probably around noon and we can finish off whatever you don't get to like cats & bunnies etc.