Rescue Journal

ok, lets not panic today

Carol  ·  May 16, 2009

mo won't be here til later (if she can get her car going) but i will feed and put the barn guys out before i leave at 630 for work....if she ends up not being able to come, i will clean the barn either on my lunch break or after work (early shift..i will be off at 4 pm)

helga will come to do the FeLV's but she won't be here til after 10 am.

laura and lana said they can come this afternoon after the adopt a block thing, but i bet they will be tired so you guys don't have to kill yourselves here.

lynn don't try to kill yourself here today either...i did a really good clean up this morning (hope it lasts somewhat til you get here)..i can finish off some parts of the house sometime today too.

if anyone extra does come...please do up the medical room cats, the 2 in the kitten pen (will and grace) and the bunnies...i am good with the barn and house if need be cuz the noisy dogs can be with me.



hey vadie, i am working monday too but there should be volunteers around til about noon?
(who is coming monday anyway?)


hi carol,
i see your working this weekend...bill and I would like to come visit and see you of course. would monday be ok to come by and do a tour and and drop of the donations for the auction? what time is good for you?
also can we book a movie night for monday also around 7pm?

just down the road from you and not in the north ;-)